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Welcome to our V-LOG!

Happy Holidays videophiles, thank you for tuning in!

This week I peppered the featured videos with vids featuring India, Nepal and Mt. Everest. The mountain has long held a mystique on my perception of adventure and the limits of human achievement. The videos captures different aspects of the region from very different storytellers. You can catch the concluding episodes of “Dark Side of Everest” in the MatTV video library.

This week the winner was selected for Lonely Planet & YouTube’s huge “My Journey” video contest. “Taste of Philly” by Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Benj Pasek grabbed top honors, earning them the opportunity to film for Lonley Plant and score some sweet gear. Congrats Keenan and Ben!


Shoot me those links to your travel videos to be included in the MatadorTV travel video library and perhaps even be featured on the MatTV homepage.

Use a tripod. Utilize Creative Commons music and images. Export in high quality. And share your videos!

Pass the turkey,

Watch the video: Javale McGee Defensive Highlights for January. Rim Protector. 2019-2020 NBA Regular Season


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